Landscape Design & Installation


Preparation is key to a thriving outdoor space. Here is how we ensure all of our designs are properly prepared with a solid foundation of mulch, water-wise 

Soil Preparation & Mulching


 Mulching seems like an easy task: Right? Just open the bag (or get out the shovel), spread it around and go. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to  mulching and soil preparation than just spreading mulch. 

Many Orange County California home and property owners who do not take the time to properly prepare their mulch find themselves quickly frustrated when they are faced with excess weeds, lifeless plants, or mulch that loses its luster and needs replaced more than once per year. Our process helps to avoid these issues and keeps your newly planted landscape appearing fresh and thriving longer.

Landscape Lighting


Don't let your beautiful outdoor oasis disappear as the sun sets. Warm, subtle, energy efficient lighting will keep the space functional from morning to night!

​Properly designed landscape lighting will combine smooth transitions and varied light levels that will direct the eye naturally from one focal point to the next and will create depth and balance across the entire property.

Whether you are looking to create stunning curb appeal, enhance your home's security, or simply want to enjoy evenings spent outside we'd love to design and install a system for you. 

Water-Wise Irrigation


Are you interested in a sprinkler system that will keep your landscape beautiful while conserving water? One of the easiest ways to save water is to make sure that you are not over watering your lawn and plants. Most of us use more water than we need to, which is not only wasteful but ends up drowning our plants.

A water wise system allows for settings that automatically turn on and off your watering system to ensure healthier plants without wasting water.

Smart watering systems such as Drip Irrigation and Smart Controllers are a great way to make your landscape is "Water-Wise"

Water Installation


We recommend Drip Irrigating and Smart Controllers in every landscaping project. This way you have a long standing plan for keeping your newly planted landscaping healthy and thriving.

Without a properly installed irrigation system, you put your new landscaping at risk for over-watering, flooding, or under-watering, leading to browning and dying plants.

Ask our professionals which watering system is right for your project and keep your investment thriving.