Pond Maintenance

Why It's Important...

Pond maintenance is absolutely essential for a thriving and appealing pond. All too often ponds are neglected during "off-season", resulting in a gross green algae that can smell as bad as it looks. A routine cleaning can keep you from hundreds of dollars of damage to your beautiful pond.

Our Pond Maintenance Services include:

  • Drain, Rinse & Pond Refill 
  • Pond Sludge Removal
  • Pressure wash rocks & gravel
  • Thin out overgrown aquatic plants
  • Removal of excess debris and leaves
  • Fish Health Check
  • Pond Water Quality Inspection
  • Lighting Check
  • Pump Maintenance Inspection
  • Pond Filters Cleaning/Inspection
  • Pond, Stream & Waterfall Face lift (Adjust Rocks, Add Gravel, Etc.)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Pond Clean Out

We service hundreds of water gardens, especially as Spring grows closer.

To ensure your pond is serviced before it's too late, please submit your Consultant Form and provide us with details on your pond and submit your Clean Out Deposit.

Consultant Form

What is the Clean-Out Process?

  1. Drain the water - temporarily housing any fish who call you pond home.
  2.  Give the water feature a quick pressure washing and rinse.
  3. Assess the amount of Bio-Film necessary to leave behind. 
  4. Trim back and fertilize aquatic plants
  5. Check and replace underwater light bulbs or fixtures (if needed).
  6. Re-adjust rocks & gravel. 
  7. Refill the water feature - fish are re-introduced to the water at this point. 

Any requested water treatment products will be left for you.

Please note for larger ponds: YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHING THE FILLING PROCESS AND PLUGGING IN THE WATERFALL PUMP. (We have estimated your labor costs based on this assumption to keep your clean out costs to a minimum.)  

Schedule Your Pond Maintenance

Do you have a water feature that needs maintenance? Filling out a Maintenance Request is the best place to start. Give us a little more detail about your project and we will respond with an estimated quote.